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Pellet heating: ecological and economical

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Petro Center Esso Stations essence Luxembourg Carburant Chauffage Gaz Pellets Lubrifiant Livraison Borne de recharge

What are pellets and how are they made?

Pellets, also known as wood pellets, are small compressed cylinders made from wood waste such as shavings, sawdust or sawmill residues.

The pellet manufacturing process involves grinding and drying raw materials, followed by high-pressure compression to form pellets. These pellets are then used as fuel for residential and commercial heating.

Environmental benefits of pellets

Pellets offer several significant environmental advantages over traditional fuels such as heating oil, natural gas or coal. 

Their use helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as wood is considered a carbon-neutral energy source. When trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere, and when they are used as fuel, CO2 is released again. However, this emission is offset by the growth of new tree plantations, which in turn absorb CO2.

Pellets are made from renewable raw materials, making them a sustainable option. Unlike fossil fuels, which are exhaustible, the wood used to produce pellets can come from responsibly managed and certified forests. This guarantees sustainable use of forest resources and contributes to the preservation of forest ecosystems.

Financial savings and energy efficiency with pellets

In addition to their environmental benefits, pellets also offer financial savings and greater energy efficiency than other heating sources. Pellets are generally cheaper than fossil fuels, enabling users to save on their heating costs. What's more, pellets have a high calorific value, which means they produce efficient, consistent heat when burned. They also burn cleaner, reducing the need for regular heating system maintenance.

What's more, pellet stoves and boilers are designed to maximize energy efficiency. They are equipped with sophisticated control systems that automatically regulate combustion and maintain a constant room temperature. This reduces heat loss and optimizes energy use.

Find pellets in Luxembourg

You can buy pellets from three types of dealer.

Specialist retailers are one of the most common choices for purchasing pellets. These dedicated stores offer a wide range of products, from certified pellets to related accessories such as stoves and storage systems. 

Another interesting option is to turn to supermarkets and hypermarkets. Many stores offer bags of pellets in their energy or gardening sections. Be sure to check the quality of the pellets on offer, as it's essential to choose products that comply with environmental standards.

Another, sometimes overlooked, place to buy pellets in Luxembourg: Esso gas stations! At Petro Center, we've responded to your growing demand for pellets. Our stations are easily accessible, and often offer competitive prices on pellets. Economical but also practical: you can pick up your bags of pellets after filling up your car and running a few errands.

Finally, the most convenient option is to have your pellets delivered to your home. Petro Center delivers top-quality pellets directly to your door, at a constant low price all year round. More details on the Heating page.


Official fuel prices

valid from 22/06/2024

Eurosuper 95


Superplus 98




Gasoil 10PPM*


Diesel Synergy


*from 1500 liters - 15 CTS subsidy incl. VAT

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