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Fuel cards: benefits for Luxembourg companies

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Simplified management of fuel costs

Petro Center fuel cards offer a practical solution for companies looking to optimize the management of their fuel expenditure. With a fuel card, it becomes easier to track and control the costs associated with company vehicles, whether it's a small fleet or a large one. The detailed reports provided enable fleet managers to see precisely where money is being spent, facilitating budget adjustments and financial planning.

Tax and economic benefits

The use of Petro Center fuel cards may also entitle companies in Luxembourg to tax benefits. By simplifying the process of declaring fuel expenses, the cards help to ensure that all possible deductions are properly accounted for and applied. What's more, the exclusive discounts and promotions offered to fuel card holders can significantly reduce annual fuel-related operating costs.

Variety of fuel cards and their advantages

  • Esso Card Ideal for frequent travel, with easy access to fuel at a wide network of stations.
  • Bestcharge Card Designed for electric vehicle users, offering convenient recharging options.
  • PFC Card Perfect for professionals, it enables efficient management of fuel costs for fleets.
  • One Stop Gift Card: An excellent option for offering flexibility and benefits as gifts to customers or employees.

Security and expense control

Security is a top priority for Petro Center, and this is reflected in the fuel card features. Each card can be configured with specific spending limits and usage restrictions to suit business needs. What's more, the cards are protected by advanced security measures to prevent fraud and unauthorized use. This gives businesses peace of mind, knowing that their fuel resources are being used appropriately and securely. To find out more about the customized solutions Petro Center fuel cards offer Luxembourg companies, visit our dedicated page.


Official fuel prices

valid from 11/07/2024

Eurosuper 95


Superplus 98




Gasoil 10PPM*


Diesel Synergy


*from 1500 liters - 15 CTS subsidy incl. VAT

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