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Fuel oil

Ecoplus diesel


EcoPlus diesel

For consumers concerned about quality and the environment, our EcoPlus Diesel offers many advantages. Among them, greater safetyqualities, more eco-friendly (certified by the German TÜV) and reduced consumption, you can make up to 7% savings !

To reduce your energy consumption and save money, it's sometimes enough to reduce the ambient temperature in your home by just one degree. For maximum comfort and energy efficiency, avoid overheating your home.

Why choose ECOPLUS diesel?


EcoPlus improves combustion and reduces fuel consumption. Heat is transmitted more effectively because there are fewer soot deposits.


EcoPlus limits the natural formation of deposits due to ageing: filter and nozzles become less clogged. EcoPlus reduces corrosion in heating system oil lines and helps protect the oil pump through improved lubrication.


Thanks to improved combustion, EcoPlus releases fewer harmful substances, reducing environmental pollution. The odor released is more pleasant, and ensures greater cleanliness of the tank walls. This makes visual inspection considerably easier for plastic tanks.


We let you split your heating budget! You can pay for your heating oil in monthly instalments, free of charge and interest.

Fuel oil

Heating oil is a constantly evolving fuel. Every day, design offices and research laboratories multiply their investments to improve domestic heating.

Food consumed in Luxembourg comes from several countries. We're not tied to a single producer, so you're less dependent on geopolitical pressures.

There are two types of fuel oil:

Even more convenient: have your heating oil delivered directly to your home, free of charge!


If you've opted for pellet heating, we've got a solution for you! Pellets are small sticks of compacted sawdust. totally natural. This fuel is also a guaranteed reduction in your energy bill with a yield close to 100%! 

All these advantages are provided at a competitive price, since pellet is neither indexed to oil prices nor subject to carbon tax. A low, constant price all year round.

Even more practical: have your pellets delivered, free of charge, straight to your door!


Official fuel prices

valid from 18/05/2024

Superplus 98


Eurosuper 95




Diesel Synergy


Gasoil 10PPM*


*from 1500 liters - 15 CTS subsidy incl. VAT

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