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How to recharge your electric car in Luxembourg

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Petro Center Esso Stations essence Luxembourg Carburant Chauffage Gaz Pellets Lubrifiant Livraison Borne de recharge

Easily recharge your vehicle at over 200,000 locations across Luxembourg and Europe with the BestCharge network. Regardless of the charging mode.

Charging methods: trickle charge, accelerated charge and fast charge

As the demand for charging solutions grows, different charging methods have been developed to meet your needs. These include slow, fast and accelerated charging.

Visit slow load is the most common method of recharging, either at home or in a parking lot equipped with a standard electrical socket. It offers a practical and affordable solution for gradually recharging your electric vehicle. Although it takes longer to fully recharge, it's ideal for short daily journeys.

Visit accelerated charging is an intermediate option, offering higher charging power than slow charging. Accelerated charging stations, available in public places such as parking lots, shopping malls and at our service stations, enable faster charging without the need for costly infrastructure. 

Finally, the quick charge is the fastest method, using special high-power charging stations. These are usually located along freeways and at our stations. Fast charging recharges a battery up to 80% of its capacity in a relatively short time, making it ideal for long journeys.

All types of charging are available at Petro Center Group petrol stations. You can find charging stations in Luxembourg on the interactive map right here.

The different types of charging stations

To make recharging your electric vehicle easier, we offer a range of different types of recharging stations. 

Strategically located public charging stations give you convenient access to drivers on the move. They can be used for slow, fast or accelerated charging, depending on your needs.

Residential charging stations are specially designed for home use. They can be installed in a garage or outside your home, and offer you the possibility of easily recharging your car overnight or during off-peak hours.

Petro Center has already helped numerous companies the installation of charging stations on their premises. Whether you're a fleet manager or a human resources manager, we'd be delighted to discuss your needs with you.

The advantages of Petro Center's BestCharge charging stations

At our Esso stations, you'll find high-performance recharging stations that offer many advantages. Easily accessible, they can be found at many service stations. You'll never have to worry about finding a charging station when you need one.

What's more, our charging stations offer fast charging speeds. This means you can recharge your electric car quickly and be back on the road in no time. Whether you need to recharge your car for a few hours or for a long journey, our charging stations will provide you with the power you need.

Our charging stations are compatible with the latest electric cars, thanks to the latest charging technology. You won't have to worry about the compatibility of your electric car with our charging stations, as we make sure to meet the needs of all makes and models.

Last but not least: the Bestcharge card makes it easier for private individuals and businesses to charge their vehicles at our BestCharge charging stations. No commitment or long-term subscription is required. With this card, you have the freedom to monitor and control your energy consumption, and pay only for the amount you actually use, based on a monthly bill.


Official fuel prices

valid from 22/06/2024

Eurosuper 95


Superplus 98




Gasoil 10PPM*


Diesel Synergy


*from 1500 liters - 15 CTS subsidy incl. VAT

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