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Why is washing your vehicle at a carwash better than at home?

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Carwash systems are more environmentally friendly and save you real money. We explain why.

More efficient washing 

Roller cleaning is the preferred solution for most motorists. Fast and effective, this cleaning method effortlessly polishes your vehicle's bodywork in just a few minutes. Today, most car washes offer soft rollers that grip dirt without scratching. This is reassuring for users who fear that the rollers will damage their bodywork. However, check with your carwash that it is equipped with new-generation rollers, as in our Bestwash centers.

Use less water

On average, washing your car at a carwash station uses 170 liters of water. For an at-home wash, you'll need an average of 300 liters of water - almost twice as much as a roller wash! In times of drought, you're not allowed to wash your car at home, as it uses too much water. However, carwash washing is permitted, thanks to water recycling.

Wastewater treatment

After water consumption, soil pollution is another important issue. When you wash your car at homeThe water used to clean the vehicle disperses into the ground and can pollute the water table. Be sure to use natural, non-polluting products if you choose the at-home option. At the carwash, wastewater is treated and recycled to the tune of 90%.

Why is pre-wash essential when washing a car?

Pre-washing is very important, whether you wash by hand, in a wash cubicle or at a car wash. Dirt should always be removed first with plenty of water or a high-pressure cleaner. This prevents the washing brushes from rubbing particles or dust into the paintwork and causing scratches. Caution: if you wash your car yourself, you run the risk of scratching it, because at home, we generally use too little water for pre-washing.

Experts deem wash tunnels better than gantries

Bestwash is Luxembourg's leading supplier of wash tunnels. According to experts such as ADAC and Tüv, tunnel washes are generally superior to gantries. A previous test of carwashes carried out by ADAC revealed that, in principle, carwash tunnels should be preferred for washing cars".

As you can see, car washes are the perfect way to reconcile ecology, time savings and vehicle cleanliness. Now you know how car washes work, all you have to do is!  


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